Monday, 4 April 2011

Questionnaire about the use of project work in Greek EFL classrooms

If you want to complete Melissa's questionnaire please send an e-mail to her and she will immediately forward a copy for you to fill in.

Dear English Language Teacher,

My name is Melissa Evangelidi and I am conducting an Action Research study into the effects of implementing project-based learning with Greek young / teenage EFL learners for my dissertation for a Master’s degree in TESOL from Aston University, UK.

As part of this research I am very interested in finding out about teachers’ views and experiences of project work in Greek ELT classrooms in both state and private (frontistiria) settings. (The term ‘project’ for this study is being used to refer to a number of activities related to a central topic and not a single task in a course book under the label ‘project’.)

I would like to invite you to complete this questionnaire, which should take you about 10 minutes.

Your answers are completely confidential and will only be used in summaries.
You will need to complete the following questionnaire electronically, save it temporarily on your PC and send as an email attachment to the following address: