Friday, 25 June 2010


Vivi Hamilou is an appointed English teacher. Her permanent position is in the 2nd Primary School of Portaria, Alli Meria (near Volos) and, this past year, she was appointed in the 1st Primary School of Almyros.She is attending the Master's Degree Program for English Language Teachers and the topic of her dissertation is: "CALL in Greek Public Primary Schools: From Theory to Practice" as her research focuses on the use of technology, teacher training, school facilities and the teachers' opinions about the benefits and the barriers of computer-based lessons.

She kindly requests any primary school EFL teacher to participate in her research by filling up a questionnaire. All you have to do is to send her a blank e-mail at with "QUESTIONNAIRE" as a topic and she will send it to you to fill it up. All the information is included in the first page of the questionnaire. I think we all should offer our contribution when a colleague needs it!

Have a nice weekend