Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Two ways of livening up textbook dialogues

by Alex Case from TEFL.net

I’m going to write about how to use these in more detail later, but thought I’d give the links first in case this saves someone’s day:

www.xtranormal.com – students can make an animated “film” from the script just by typing in the dialogue and choosing characters, backgrounds, actions, sound effects etc. (hattip to Darren Elliot at Teacher Development Blog)

www.pimpampum.net/bubblr – students choose Flickr photos and add speech bubbles to them (hattip to the Macmillan English Campus blog Connect2MEC)

I’ll be giving some ideas of ways you can use Xtranormal for other things in my later post, but this example of a Bubblr picture story made me think that it might be a good first stage for writing with young learners and teenagers too.

(source: TEFL.net)

Another very interesting site where your students can create their comics and practice English at the same time is: