Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Who am I … ? (speaking practice for pre-intermediate students)

1. Student A chooses one of the famous people described below. They not show the information to Student B.

2. They prepare questions to ask Student B about the famous person they chose.

Examples: Where was your famous person born?
Did he/she go to university?
What jobs did he/she have?

3. They ask Student B their questions. Which famous person did Student B choose?

4. They answer Student A’s questions.

Place of birth Liverpool, England
Year of birth 1940
University? didn’t attend university but wanted to go to art college
Job(s) musician
Married? Children? Cynthia Powell, Yoko Ono – two sons
Why famous? played guitar and sang in the Beatles
Year of death 1980
Other information died in New York when Mark Chapman shot him


Place of birth Ulm, Germany
Year of birth 1879
University? didn’t attend university as a student but received a doctorate from University of
Job(s) teacher, office worker, university professor
Married? Children? married twice – two sons and a daughter
Why famous? for his Theory of Relativity
Year of death 1955
Other information won the Nobel prize for physics in 1922

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