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Mother's Day lesson plan

Mother’s Day has a long history in the United States and in England, but it is also celebrated throughout the world. Many of these celebrations are not on the second Sunday in May and they often aren’t celebrated in the same way. In this Web activity, you will investigate how Mother’s Day is celebrated in various parts of the globe.

Activity: A Mother’s Day Collage

Have you ever made a collage? Collage is an art form in which the artist takes a number of images or words and puts them together on a piece of paper, in a frame or on a screen. The goal is to make a message or feeling by the very patterns, content and interactions. Usually you cut and paste images and sentences from magazines, but you can also make collages on your computer. All you need is a word processing program, Power Point, or a website editing program (like Front Page). You can see some collages at

In this activity you will make a collage about Mother’s Day as it is celebrated in a specific country. You can work individually or in groups. Choose the country you’d like to investigate from the list below. Various sites for information and images are given for each country. Start by briefly looking at each site. When you see an image or read a sentence you like, save it in your computer. (For images, just put the cursor over the image you are interested in and click with your right mouse button if you are using a PC or double click if you have a MAC. Choose "save" and decide where you want to save the image. For words or sentences, just select the text, and copy it onto a document in a word processing program).

As soon as you have a collection of images and sentences, open the program you will use to make your collage and paste the words and images wherever you want on the page. You can edit the images using a photo-editing program and you can edit the sentences in your word processing program (change the size, the font, the color).

When you finish making your collage, share it with your classmates and use it to explain how Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world.

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