Tuesday, 27 January 2009


National Storytelling Week was conceived in the year 2000 AD to increase public awareness of the art, practice and value of oral storytelling. It is held during the first week of February every year.

National Storytelling week will run from 31st January to 7th February 2009.

We know that Storytelling stretches from its simplest application in the nursery right through to personal stories and bereavement aids in hospitals, strengthening communication in the business sphere, and as an aid to learning in education. Storytelling is not just for the young but for all ages who share the creations of thought and the creativity of imagination.

We encourage participation from all areas of the community:
image * Why not invite the older members of the community into local schools to hear their stories,
* Bring different ethnic communities together for a storytelling,
* Encourage special needs groups to get involved with telling stories - all this brings harmony and self esteem to those who get involved.
* Bring friends together and have a storytelling afternoon or evening - and really get to know them!!

For some stories for all ages click HERE

(source: http://sfs.org.uk/national_storytelling_week/national_storytelling_week_2009/)