Friday, 5 December 2008

Commission launches Comenius Regio Partnerships

New opportunities for regional cooperation in school education
On November 3 the European Commission launched Comenius Regio, a new
action under the Lifelong Learning Programme. With an annual budget of EUR
16 million, Comenius Regio Partnerships will support cooperation between
local and regional authorities, schools and other learning organisations across

Comenius Regio Partnerships fund regional cooperation in school education,
and promote the exchange of experience and good practice between regions
and municipalities in Europe. They aim to help regional or local authorities
with responsibility in school education to improve educational opportunities
for school–age children. Within these bilateral cooperation projects the two
participating regions are free to choose any topic of relevance and interest to
them. For example, projects could work on school management issues, better
integration of pupils with migration backgrounds, entrepreneurship education
or reducing early school leaving.

Schools and other relevant partners within the region or municipality,
such as a youth club, a library or museum, must be integrated in project
activities. Comenius Regio Partnerships can contain a wide range of actions
like exchanges of school education staff, joint teacher training activities, peer
learning or study visits. They can also launch a variety of other activities in the
regions involved, for instance surveys, trials of new educational approaches or
awareness-raising campaigns.

The deadline for applications for grants is 20 February 2009. Applications must
be made by the local or regional school authorities. Successful applicants will
be selected by summer 2009, and the actions can start from August 2009. The
grants will support partnerships for two years. The funding will contribute to
the costs of mobility between the partner regions and of the project activities.
The Commission expects to fund around 500 regions through the Comenius
Regio action. It is managed by the Comenius National Agencies in each country
taking part in the Lifelong Learning Programme.

(source:elt newsletter 1 December 2008 vol.VI No.7)

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