Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Newspaper House

Sumer Erek is a Turkish-Cypriot artist currently living in London and working in a variety of different fields such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation, video and performance.

His newspaper house is made of waste free-press newspapers. Members of the public were invited to bring newspapers to a London square where the project took place to add to grow the installation. Visitors were also invited to insert their own news into the newspaper, before rolling it.

'In the Newspaper House project, Erek takes ‘house’ a step further. He turns the ‘Newspaper House’ into both a shelter and a workshop, where he creates his art. At the same time it becomes a finished artwork and a ‘gallery’, in which spectators see the artwork. Perhaps this is why, when he speaks about this project, Erek says: “One of my main aims with this project is to share it with participants who are not artists and to embrace this process as natural as one lives his daily life.” In this context, Newspaper House is conceptually positioned somewhere between the private and the public and the real and the fictitious.' (Metin Senerguc)

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