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A Mississippi River Corfu
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Evie Grammenou, teacher, scholar and lover of foreign languages, recently brought her students to the "American Corner" of the Μunicipal Library in Kerkyra to learn about Mark Twain. They performed skits, put on costumes, and had a great time learning about one of the most popular authors of all time...

Mark Twain, 1871 photo portrait

... Please describe the Mark Twain project that you did, and how you were able to use the resources of the American Corner (AC) in Kerkyra. What was the most helpful resource at the AC?

The first contact we had with the author was in class. The students were visiting websites and answering questionnaires about the artist, solving crossword puzzles and drawing pictures based on the books of Mark Twain. They recognized and focused on the original material for his life and work. That's how the preparations for this project began.

On January 30, we held an event dedicated to the American author. The municipal library and the American Corner supported and rounded out the students' work. The program included a presentation on Twain's life and work, a reproduction of his works in theatrical skits, and they listened to radio broadcasts from American stations with Twain's works. The event ended with music from that time period in the American South.

The students, with the help of their parents and teachers as well as the gracious and considerate support of the Municipal Library Director, Ms. Evi Laskari, constructed the scenery, the costumes, posters, and text.

I would also note that we presented excerpts from the novels, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tramp Abroad, The Prince and the Pauper, and the £1,000,000 Banknote. In addition, they read his more well-known poems and sayings.

From the Municipal Library's American Corner we used Mark Twain books, digital materials as well as some of Twain's books translated into Greek...


For more information about the American Corners (this is the second time I mention them...) please click on this link